Setting up straxen

To install straxen locally, follow these steps in a python 3.9 or 3.10 environment:

  1. git clone

  2. Optional. If you are NOT on the UChicago Midway analysis center please follow step 2. in this wiki note (restricted).

  3. pip install -e ./straxen

The basic analysis tutorial will work outside midway even without step 2 – we ship a tiny bit of test data with straxen for this purpose. Not much else will work, in particular, anything that requires the XENON runs database will fail.

To update straxen to a new version, execute git pull in the straxen directory. You may also have to update strax itself occasionally with pip install strax –upgrade`.

Frozen installation

Instead of step 3, you may want to do try a ‘frozen install’ with pip install ./straxen (without the -e). This means the straxen code gets copied to a different place. Edits to the source files will only take effect after you run pip install straxen again.

Currently you are likely to encounter problems loading the test data in this mode – I’ve been too lazy to update the manifest accordingly.

Moreover, you must be extra careful if you are outside midway: step 2 really has to be done before step 3, not afterwards.