Straxen scripts

Straxen comes with several scripts that allow common uses of straxen. Some of these scripts are designed to run on the DAQ whereas others are for common use cases. Each of the scripts will be briefly discussed below:


straxer is the most useful straxen script for regular users. Allows data to be generated in a script format. Especially useful for reprocessing data in batch jobs.

For example a user can reprocess the data of run 012100 using the following command up to event_info_double.

straxer 012100 --target event_info_double

For more information on the options, please refer to the help:

straxer --help

ajax [DAQ-only]

The DAQ-cleaning script. Data is stored on the DAQ such that other tools like admix may ship the data to distributed storage. A portion of the high level data is stored on the DAQ for diagnostic purposes for longer periods of time. ajax removes this data if needed. The ajax script looks for data on the eventbuilders that can be deleted because at least one of the following reasons:

  • A run has been “abandoned”, this means that there is no further use for this data, e.g. a board failed during a run, there is no point in keeping a run where part of the data on the DAQ.

  • The live-data (intermediate DAQ format, even more raw than raw-records) has been successfully processed. Therefore remove this intermediate datakind from daq.

  • A run has been abandoned but there is live-data still on the DAQ-bugger.

  • Data is “unregistered” (not in the runsdatabase), this only occurs if DAQ-experts perform tests on the DAQ.

  • Since bootstrax runs on multiple hosts, some of the data may appear to be stored more than once since a given bootstrax instance could crash during it’s processing. The data of unsucessful processings should be removed by ajax.

  • Finally ajax also checks if all the entries that are in the database are also on the host still This sanity check catches any potential issues in the data handling by admix.

bootstrax [DAQ-only]

As the main DAQ processing script. This is discussed separately. It is only used for XENONnT.


Script that allows mimiming DAQ-processing by opening raw-records data.


Mini strax interface that allows strax-data to be retrieved using HTTP requests on a given port. This is at the time of writing used on the DAQ as a pulse viewer.


Updates raw-records from old strax versions. This data is of a different format and needs to be refreshed before it can be opened with more recent versions of strax.

Last updated 2021-05-07. Joran Angevaare